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Fueling Equipment For Clean Natural Gas Vehicles


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New & Used CNG Fueling Equipment

Ask us about Cubogas for your large CNG station needs!!!  Cubogas Pocket!- Ideal for C Stores!!

Bauer CNG Compressors for larger fleets!

New- BRC FuelMaker CNG Compressors & Fueling Equipment,  Phill home units

          New FMQ2-36 starting at $8172.00 with 20’ Fill Hose (1gge) 

          New Phills starting at $4995.00 (1/2 gge)

          New FMQ8-36 starting at $24,256.00 (4 gge hour)

Used – We often have used FuelMaker FMQ2-36 compressors, 1 gallon per hour in stock!!*

Used FuelMakers-

Stk # 2351  Used FMQ2-36, almost new!  542 original hours, 20’ fill hose $6500.00 (less than 2 years old)

Stk # 429  Used FMQ2-36  Sold!

Stk # 361  Used FMQ2-36, 1347 of 3000 Hours on compressor, 20’ fill hose, $3500.00

Stk # 786 Used 3000 PSI FMQ2, 2076 of 4000 hours, 15’ fill hose $3000.00

Stk# 892 Used 3000 PSI FMQ2.5,  892 Hours, pressure start, set up with ¼” stainless outlet, $3000.00

Used Phills-   (1/2 gge hour)

Stk #18  Phill version 1,  110 Volt Unknown hours as is!  $1500.00

Stk# 1966 Phill Version 1.5, 6665 Hours,  220 Volt, High hours, As is $1500.00

Stk # 3874 Phill Version 1.5, 3144 Hours, 220m Volt, As is $2000.00

Used Fast Fill-

FFV FuelMaker manual fast fill, 1/3rd cost new $11,500.00, includes fill nozzle, vent valve & fill hose 3000 psi

Used Gas Driers-

Xebec Gas Drier single simple tower, $1,400.00-1/3rd the price of new!!  STV6NGX

Used CNG Cylinders-

10 used fork lift cylinders, expire 2020, 3600 psi, with or without swing out brackets. Make offer. (Water Cap 19.3)

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Arizona licensed natural gas vehicle fueling equipment contractor AZ ROC 231066

New BRC FuelMaker equipment warranty- 24 Month/2000 Hours whichever comes first.  *NO warranty on used equipment*


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